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Bobby Beathard

4 Super Bowls
10 Division Titles
7 Conference Championships
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(Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo)...Noted for his adept eye for talent through a career that spanned more than three decades … Served as scout for Chiefs and Falcons before being named director of player personnel for Dolphins in 1972 … Integral part of Miami’s two Super Bowl teams … Became Redskins General Manager in 1978 … Masterful management of Washington roster to build Super Bowl champions … Often dealt first-round draft picks to acquire more talent … Used team’s first round draft pick just three times in 11 seasons … The Redskins’ Super Bowl XVII roster included 27 free agents signed by Beathard … Under his guidance, Redskins made five playoff appearances in six-season span including two Super Bowl titles (XVII and XXII) … Instantly created winning culture in San Diego after Chargers named him General Manager in 1990 … Within three years, team claimed first division title in more than decade … Two years later, Chargers advanced to franchise’s first Super Bowl appearance (XXIX) … In all, Beathard’s teams advanced seven Super Bowls and won four … Born January 24, 1937 in Zanesville, Ohio.


Bobby Beathard Washington Redskins & Atlanta Falcons & Kansas City Chiefs & Miami Dolphins & San Diego Chargers

Bobby Beathard was a highly-regarded personnel administrator during his 33-year career which included stints with the Kansas City Chiefs (1966-67), Atlanta Falcons (1968-1971), Miami Dolphins (1972-77), Washington Redskins (1978-1988) and San Diego Chargers (1990-99).

Beathard, a longtime general manager and personnel administrator, played an integral role in the success of each of these franchises. He began his career as a part-time scout for the Kansas City Chiefs in 1963, but left to scout for the American Football League before returning to the Chiefs in 1966 when the team played in Super Bowl I. In 1972, Beathard was named director of player personnel for the Miami Dolphins before the Washington Redskins hired him as general manager in 1978.

His visionary thinking soon became a template for the NFL where first-round draft picks were weapons to be used in trades. His keen sense for talent was apparent on each team, but especially in 1982 when the Redskins Super Bowl-winning team included 27 free agents signed by Beathard since he joined the team. In his 11 years in Washington, the Redskins had only three first-round picks. The team went to the Super Bowl three times and won twice.

Collectively, his teams won 10 division titles, seven league/conference championships and four Super Bowls – Super Bowls VII and VIII with Miami and Super Bowls XVII and XXII with Washington.

Beathard was hired as general manager of the Chargers in 1990 and immediately brought hope to a city hungry for a winner. In just his third season in San Diego, the organization won its first AFC Western Division championship in more than a decade and by 1994, the team made its first Super Bowl appearance.


Bobby Beathard's Stats

Year-by-Year Team Records

1966    Kansas City Chiefs... 11-2-1   (1st)

1967    Kansas City Chiefs....... 9-5-0   (2nd)

1968    Atlanta Falcons........... 2-12-0   (4th)

1969    Atlanta Falcons............. 6-8-0   (3rd)

1970    Atlanta Falcons............. 4-8-2   (3rd)

1971    Atlanta Falcons............. 7-6-1   (3rd)

1972    Miami Dolphins......... 14-0-0   (1st)

1973    Miami Dolphins......... 12-2-0   (1st)

1974    Miami Dolphins......... 11-3-0   (1st)

1975    Miami Dolphins............ 10-4-0   (2nd)

1976    Miami Dolphins.............. 6-8-0   (3rd)

1977    Miami Dolphins............ 10-4-0   (2nd)

1978    Washington Redskins... 8-8-0   (3rd)

1979    Washington Redskins. 10-6-0   (3rd)

1980    Washington Redskins. 6-10-0   (3rd)

1981    Washington Redskins... 8-8-0   (4th)

1982    Washington Redskins 8-1-0   (1st*)                

1983    Washington Redskins 14-2-0  (1st)

1984    Washington Redskins 11-5-0  (1st)

1985    Washington Redskins. 10-6-0   (3rd)

1986    Washington Redskins 12-4-0  (2nd)

1987    Washington Redskins 11-4-0  (1st)

1988    Washington Redskins... 7-9-0   (3rd)

1990    San Diego Chargers... 6-10-0   (4th)

1991    San Diego Chargers... 4-12-0   (5th)

1992    San Diego Chargers. 11-5-0   (1st)

1993    San Diego Chargers..... 8-8-0   (4th)

1994    San Diego Chargers. 11-5-0   (1st)

1995    San Diego Chargers... 9-7-0   (2nd)

1996    San Diego Chargers..... 8-8-0   (3rd)

1997    San Diego Chargers... 4-12-0   (5th)

1998    San Diego Chargers... 5-11-0   (5th)

1999    San Diego Chargers..... 8-8-0   (3rd)

* NFC regular season finish in strike-shortened season.

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Bobby Beathard's Championship Games

1966 Kansas City Chiefs (AFL Western Division, AFL champions)

1972 Miami Dolphins (AFC Eastern Division, AFC, Super Bowl VII champions)

1973 Miami Dolphins (AFC Eastern Division, AFC, Super Bowl VIII champions)

1974 Miami Dolphins (AFC Eastern Division champions)

1982 Washington Redskins (NFC*, NFC, Super Bowl XVII champions)

1983 Washington Redskins (NFC Eastern Division, NFC champions)

1984 Washington Redskins (NFC Eastern Division champions)

1987 Washington Redskins (NFC Eastern Division, NFC, Super Bowl XXII champions)

1992 San Diego Chargers (AFC Western Division champions)

1994 San Diego Chargers (AFC Western Division, AFC champions)


Bobby Beathard's Career Capsule

Full Name: Bobby Beathard

Birthdate: Jan. 24, 1937

Birthplace: Zanesville, Ohio

High School: El Segundo (CA)