Pro Football Hall of Fame Team


David Baker, President (Bio)


George Veras, Chief Operating Officer & Executive Producer

Joe Horrigan, Executive Director

Steve Strawbridge, Chief Administrative Officer

Pete Fierle, Chief of Staff & Vice President of Communications

Bill Allen, Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Anne Graffice, Vice President of Development and Strategic Adventures

Pat Lindesmith, Senior Vice President of Sponsorship and Gold Jacket Relations

Michael Muñoz, Vice President of Character Development

Brock Richards, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Kevin Shiplett, Vice President of Operations/Facilities


Saleem Choudhry, Director - Exhibits/Museum Services

Michelle Hunt, Director of Merchandise

Melissa Meadows, Executive Assistant to the President

Chad Reese, Director of Information Technology


Jason Aikens, Collections Curator

Lisa Angelo, Hospitality Sales & Event Coordinator

Rory Arnold, Manager of Information Technology, Architecture & Network Security

Danielle Attar, Manager of Events and Productions

Pat Bearducci, Manager of Membership & Guest Services

Susan Campbell, Director of HOF Experiences & Tourism

Kee’Auna Cherry, Sponsorship Activation Coordinator

Matt Clapper, Accounting and Budget Coordinator

Scott Craddock, Store Manager

Jerry Csaki, Director - Youth/Education

Paul Cugini - Hospitality Event Manager

Christy Davis, Registrar

Tammera Davis, Controller

Justin Ford, Merchandise Warehouse Manager

Jenna Gaston, Assistant Controller

Rachel Gutting, Communications Coordinator & Special Assistant to Office of President

Kay Hatfield, Billing & Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Leah Hogsed, Merchandise Coordinator

Jamir Howerton, Producer - Hall of Fame Productions & Website; Senior Activator National HOF Programs

Jon Kendle, Archivist

Rachel Knapp, Curatorial Assistant

Kelli Koch, E-Commerce Coordinator

Jim Macris, Manager of Ticket Operations & Associate Producer

Bryan McIntyre, Digital Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Ryan Morena, IT Services & Exhibit Technology Coordinator

Mike Myers, Manager - Youth/Education

Michelle Norris, Director of Sponsorship & Gold Jacket Relations

Quentin Paulik, Sales Account Executive

Brian Proud, Director of Hospitality

Mattison Rankin, Sponsorship Account Manager

Jake Ray, Youth & Education Coordinator

Jason Rentner, Director of Digital & Social Media

Grace Roth, Coordinator of HOF Experiences & Tourism

Chris Schilling, Executive Assistant

Dennis VanFossen, Hospitality Executive Manager of Event Services

Galina Vinograd, Supervisor of Theater Operations

Eric Welshenbaugh, Executive Producer of Multimedia Design

Alison Wright, Volunteer Coordinator